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Underlying Magic

Do you know your profit?

Do you know your cost per service? 

Do you know your PVA or what it is?

Do you know your EBITDA and how much debt you should take on? 

Do you know your business value and how to increase that value? 

Do you know your ideal client and how to find and serve them? 

Do you know how to be an effective leader to your employees and patients? 

Do you know how to interpret clinic data and make the best decisions to make your business more stable so that you can be fully present for your patients? 

You don’t need an MBA to be a practice owner, but it can help the business.

We have you covered. Our veteran practice owners have proven track records of success spanning decades. Combined with formal executive MBA-based approaches and practical experience-based advice, we supply you with the best business practices and systems. 

Because we value your time and energy, we strive to provide you with all the tools needed to be more successful in the business of healthcare practice, as well as the business of dealing with what your patients need.

We Provide:

Crowd-sourced and cloud-based documentation, advice, and research allow practice administrators to identify relevant topics in near real-time and solve them.

What does that mean?
Our primary focus is on building and updating our tools based on the current needs of our members and creators, who also happen to be current owners and staff of highly successful clinics.  We are online and ready to be downloaded anywhere and at any time.

Experienced-based Advice

  • Pre-recorded videos will help walk you through the best use and application of the available tools. 
  • Live call-based advice will help answer questions and give general direction and strategy to meet your needs from day to day. 
  • The modules are segmented on experience to provide you with the most necessary and relevant information for your practice stage.
  • Experienced industry colleagues, staff, and subject matter experts in many important areas to practice owners, including commercial real estate, human resources, marketing, accounting, banking, and much more.

We will help you collect essential data to understand your practice metrics, how to interpret them, and take action on them.  

We will crunch the data to create valuable data sets for your practice.  

This data will help you know your trends, which areas to work on, and how you compare to the industry. 

This data proves or disproves your strategy and tactics because our goal is to ensure we are providing current and proven best practices. 

In other words, understanding your key metrics allows us to point you in the right direction to achieve your desired results faster.


  • PreacticeHQ is an ecosystem has developed, connecting practitioners with value-added consulting partners and each other.
  • We connect practitioners with professional services firms and professionally curated subject matter experts in specialty areas.
  • We are an affinity group connecting members with discounts and preferred access programs.
  • PracticeHQ is a market hub with deep analytics in the space based on ongoing behavioural data from all participants in the ecosystem.
  • We provide training and documentation for health practices in marketing, leadership, sustainability, customer experience, finances, operations, IT, entrepreneurship, analytics, and more.

Why PracticeHQ?

  • Proven track record of business success.
  • Education and Certifications include an Executive MBA from the Ivey Business School, Business Management from Rotman School of Business, Sales Leadership Operations from Schulich School of Business, Certified Customer Experience Management, and many others.
  • Combined 38 years of experience in customer service, sales and marketing, operations, governance, regulatory oversight, and allied health professional business ownership.
  • We want YOU to build YOUR empire and reach YOUR goals.
  • We support and help you to run a more efficient, effective, and profitable business in less time than you could without us.

Let’s work together